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Trust your system

Sequitor’s market simulation provides access to a number of exchange replicas practically indistinguishable from real-world equivalents. Our service simplifies and improves your trading system testing and reduces time to market, incidents and costs.

The service includes

An illustration featuring three balls, each adorned with a distinct bank symbol above them. Symbolising our work in economy.

Secure test access

Exclusive access to the test environment

Versatile market testing

Multi-market support

You can therefore ascertain proper system behaviour for a multi market strategy. 
An illustration exuding a tech vibe, with Sequitor's icon prominently displayed, representing its technological prowess within the realm of finance
An isolated ball featuring a bank symbol, serving as a visual representation of Sequitor's trading testing system.

Access to the service

Actual exchange protocols


SMART Replay

True realism does not only mirror the structure, meaning, and behavior of an exchange but it also goes beyond. It ensures authenticity not just in the technical aspects but also in the dynamic response to interactions. Engaging with our simulator generates genuine, realistic reactions, establishing a benchmark for comprehensive and lifelike financial market simulations.

Illustrations of Sequitor Emulator showcase various symbols, such as trading indicators fluctuating, cogwheel representing system operations, and date display.
An illustration similar to the previous ball image, but this time featuring pause, play, and stop buttons above it. This represents Sequitor's commitment to repeatable execution, ensuring reliable and consistent performance in financial operations.

Consistent simulation repeats

Repeatable execution

Experience the edge of tomorrow

State of the art High-Fidelity Simulation

Unlike existing test markets running on fixed schedules and with inconsistencies in configuration, our solution is private, exclusive, and available on-demand, providing a production-like testing environment

An illustration of a globe, symbolizing Sequitor's global presence and operations across multiple locations worldwide.