Full-scale, high fidelity market simulation

Sequitor provides a high-fidelity simulation of the market through interconnected exchange replicas that are indistinguishable from the real exchanges.

Elevating system testing through simulation powered by real market data

Sequitor leverage actual market data for full-scale historical replay combined with high fidelity simulation testing. By mirroring real world events, you can easily push your system to the limit and beyond to uncover faulty or unexpected behaviour.

Our partners & customers

At Sequitor, we value our partners and customers, including prominent entities such as Deutsche Börse Group, NASDAQ, Singapore Exchange, and Alnair. Through collaboration and dedication, we aim to facilitate high-quality trading system testing and create value for all our partners and customers.

We offer a multi-market simulation service that enables clients to reduce the overhead and complexities of system verification and to deploy faster with reduced risk.

Illustration of data files


by mirroring multi-market behaviour of real-world events

Illustration of arrows in a circle, symbolising consistancy


with the configuration of the market at a given point in time

A symbol of how sequitors testing is available when you need it


on demand as opposed to a fixed schedule

Data protection illustration


preventing interference or information leakage

Sequitor explained

Optimize your trading system

Discover how Sequitor reduces risk and improves quality.

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“The Sequitor simulation service has drastically improved our test productivity and quality. We are now able to quickly verify the behavior of our system and observe the effects of changes to our algorithms, code and configuration. Every trading firm will want this service”

Kristoffer Hägglöf, CEO Alnair AB

“It’s impressive how it just works, all day, every day. We are able to run our scenarios repeatedly with full control. There is no information leakage or interference between users.”

– Carl Gothnier, CTO Alnair AB