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Yes. You can subscribe to as many sessions as you need, and you can use all of them in parallel.

For a complete list of supported markets please contact us

You will need an admin account and a network connection to be able to use the service. Technically, you can be up and running within a day with a remote connection depending on your lead time to set up a VPN tunnel (see below).

You can either connect to the simulation service via a local connection or a remote connection (see below).

You can connect remotely using a VPN tunnel via the Internet. We currently support IP SEC and OpenVPN. Please contact simops@sequitor.se for more details.

The service is currently available in exchange data centers. For more info please contact us.
You can connect locally if you are located at one of the datacenters where the simulation service is hosted by requesting a cross connect to be set up by your datacenter provider.