System control at your fingertips

Sequitor’s exchange simulator provides multiple test systems practically indistinguishable from real-world equivalents. Our service simplifies and improves your trading system testing thanks to advanced simulation techniques reducing production incidents and cutting the cost of testing.

The testing service will include

Exclusive access to the test environment

  • Other clients cannot observe or interact with your testing environment.

  • This ensures full confidentiality, predictable behaviour and repeatable testing.

Descriptive image of Exclusive access to the test enviroment.

Multi-market support

  • Tests can be run across several marketplaces and securities.

  • You can therefore ascertain proper system behavior for singular markets and combinations of markets.

Descriptive image of multi-market support.

Standard protocol for each exchange

  • Our emulators implement the same protocols that are used in live exchanges.

  • This achieves realistic test conditions to improve the likelihood of you identifying potentially fatal bugs.

Descriptive image of standard protocol for each exchange.

Test scenarios

  • Pre-defined scenarios make it easy to start testing immediately.

  • Tailor-made scenarios allow specific configuration of system load levels, abnormal market events and simulated service disruptions to stress targeted parts of the trading system.

  • Market activity in the simulation can be actual historical trading days or synthetically generated.

Descriptive image of test scenarios.

Repeatable execution

  • A repository of past simulations and configurations facilitates re-running of simulations.

  • It is therefore easy to ensure that your trading system behaves consistently and that changes to the trading system have the intended effect.

Descriptive image of repeatable execution.

Constantly evolving

We are constantly working to expand the Sequitor service in order to meet high customer expectations. Contact us if you want to learn more.

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